/bɜn / (say bern)

verb (burnt or burned, burning)
verb (i)
1. to be on fire: the fuel burns.
2. (of a furnace, etc.) to contain fire.
3. to feel heat or a physiologically identical sensation: his face was burning in the wind.
4. Sport (of a muscle) to produce a burning sensation as a result of the build-up of lactic acid.
5. to give light: the lights in the house burn all night.
6. to glow like fire.
7. (in games) to be extremely close to finding a concealed object or guessing an answer.
8. to feel strong passion: she was burning with anger.
9. Chemistry to undergo combustion; oxidise.
10. to become discoloured, tanned, or charred through heat.
11. US Colloquial to be electrocuted in an electric chair.
verb (t)
12. to consume, partly or wholly, with fire.
13. to put to death by burning: they were burnt at the stake.
14. to cause to feel the sensation of heat.
15. to injure, discolour, char, or treat with heat.
16. to produce with fire: to burn charcoal.
17. Chemistry to cause to undergo combustion; oxidise.
18. to calcine (earth, etc.) so as to obtain a pigment: burnt sienna; burnt umber.
a. to copy (data) sequentially onto a CD, DVD, or optical disc: to burn files for archiving.
b. to copy data sequentially onto (a CD, DVD, or optical disc): to burn a disc of your favourite songs.
20. to cause (someone) suffering, hurt, or hardship: to be burnt by bad publicity.
21. to betray, cheat or dupe: I'm wary of buying second-hand cars – I've been burnt before.
22. Pathology an injury produced by heat or by abnormal cold, chemicals, poison gas, electricity, or lightning. A first-degree burn is characterised by reddening; a second-degree burn by blistering; a third-degree burn by charring.
23. the operation of burning or baking, as in brick-making.
24. burn-off.
25. Sport the sensation in a muscle, usually momentary, caused by the build-up of lactic acid as a result of strenuous exercise.
26. Colloquial
a. an unofficial speed trial, on a motorcycle or in a car.
b. a fast run.
27. burn ahead, (of bushfires) to travel in a manner difficult or impossible to control: the fire's burning ahead on a wide front.
28. burn off,
a. to clear or improve (land) by burning the cover.
b. to start to race, on a motorcycle or in a car.
c. to dispose of (rubbish, as waste paper, garden refuse, etc.) by burning it.
d. to clear land of undergrowth, dead wood, etc., by burning it, often as a precaution against bushfire.
e. (of clouds, mist, etc.) to fade away in the sunlight, leaving a clear day.
29. burn one's fingers, to suffer through rash interference or impudence.
30. burn out,
a. (of a fire or flame) to die out for want of fuel.
b. (of a rocket, missile, etc.) to complete the burning of its fuel.
c. (of an engine) to become severely damaged by overheating.
d. to lose one's capacity or motivation for effective action, usually through prolonged occupational stress.
e. (of a dragster driver) to perform a burnout.
31. burn rubber, Motor Vehicles Colloquial to accelerate quickly so as to leave a tyre mark.
32. burn the midnight oil, to stay up late studying, working, etc.
33. burn up,
a. to pass through or over quickly and easily: to burn up the kilometres in a car.
b. to drive, run, etc., along (a road, path or track) at an unusually high speed: the last runner in the team really burnt up the track.
34. feel the burn, Sport to reach a level of exercise where a muscle is momentarily deprived of oxygen, causing a build-up of lactic acid.
35. go for the burn, Sport to exercise strenuously: *At the Prince Salman Social Centre in Riyadh, Saudi women pump iron in the weight room or go for the burn at aerobics class. –aap news, 1997.
36. to burn, Colloquial in abundance: they have money to burn.
{Middle English bernen from Old English beornan, bærnan}
burning, adjective
burning, noun
[c]/bɜn / (say bern)

noun Scottish
a brook or rivulet.
{Middle English burne, bourne, Old English burna, burne a stream}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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